Working Papers

Manuscripts Under Review:

  • Ellison, Brenna, and Jayson L. Lusk. “Examining Household Food Waste Decisions: A Vignette Approach.”
  • Kirwan, Barrett, Brenna Ellison, Atul Nepal, Heidi Kratsch, and James Schrader. “Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Bioplastic Plant Containers: An Experimental Auction Approach.”
  • Ellison, Brenna, Nicholas Paulson, Mykel Taylor, Glynn Tonsor, Jonathan Coppess, and Gary Schnitkey. “Evaluation of Educational Offerings Associated with the 2014 Farm Bill.”
  • Nikolaus, Cassandra J., Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson, and Brenna Ellison. “‘It’s easy to just toss it because you can get something else.’ A Qualitative Study of Young Adults’ Perceptions of Wasted Food.”

Working Papers: